The Inexhaustible Satchel

The Inexhaustible Satchel

         As you can see, I have gone and left the latch open on my satchel again and little creatures are just popping up everywhere. It isn't altogether a good idea to leave an inexhaustible satchel open when you're not using it. As lovely and enchanting as the beings are they can get into a bit of mischief. It would be somewhat disconcerting if you are right in the middle of a math test or a serious conversation with the president or something and a blue horse with a multi-colored mane clops by. Well, not that anyone but you would probably see it, but it could make you giggle or act silly at the wrong time, and you know how that effects the more proper people.

The Inexhaustible Satchel
         On the other hand, it is equally important that you don't latch your satchel overlong either. You'll have the poor little creatures suffering human contact deprivation or worse yet slipping out the seams and making you snort hobgoblins through your nose. The worst scenario though is when the little dears decide you have abandoned them and slip away into the farwell, so far that you cannot find them for a very long time or possibly never again. This does happen to many humans at a certain age with the everyday just taking over. I've seen the plain of abandoned inexhaustible satchels. As far as the eye can see they lay, unused, dusty, and colorless, their threads rotting away. It is pathetic really.

         So as not to neglect your responsibilities to the content of your satchel a good maintenance program helps, just as you need one to take care of the responsibilities to the physical world. Now, I know how busy you are, but if you wish to be on good terms with your imagination, take this to heart. Before you do your homework, or chores, or pay bills, what ever it is, open your satchel just a wee bit and whisper in a sweet voice to your magical friends, "I promise to spend time with you as soon as I'm finished". Then, keep your promise! Whether it is just closing your eyes and watching their lovely antics or trying to sketch or write what they tell you, do it. Never believe it is a waste of your time. The imagination is the source of all that is beautiful, worthy, and vital in life.

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Strange Bird
Strange Bird
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