Helping Master Waterpot Discover His Creatures


         Master Waterpot's spirited ceremony resulted in one surprising event that turned out to be entertaining for us and yet very perplexing. I think it happened because Waterpot himself was rotating and flapping his arms so much it set his beautiful cloak into a wavelike motion. At first we thought it was part of the performance, but then the cloak seemed to be dissolving right before our eyes. Next thing, all the lovely sea creatures on his cloak suddenly came to life and began swimming off into the air currents. Finally, while we watched in silent wonder, all those lovely fish just disappeared, right into the Cyber Forest. It is very hard to remain quiet and serious after seeing such an amazing thing and after some very great efforts to maintain our decorum we all dissolved into fits of the giggles, barks and belly gusties.

         If you would like to help Master Waterpot, find the drawing of him in the blank cloak. If the cloak is left blank some bad sorcerer could cast a spell on him through the holes. What would you draw and color on this cloak to help protect Master Waterpot and help him find his sea creatures?

         What do you think a Cyber Forest is? What would it look like? Would other imaginary creatures be there, or internet ads, or E-bay? Whoops! What would happen if Master Waterpot's cloak fish end up getting sold on E-bay? Draw your version of a Cyber Forest with Master Waterpot's fish swimming around.

         Design a cloak for yourself. What would your cloak be used for? Your drawings would be a story of what you use the cloak for. An example would be an imaginary trip to the stars. How would you design your cloak? Would you draw stars, moons, the sun, or birds soaring, or even space ships. You dream it and draw it.

Sir Max Coloring Projects

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Master Waterpot
Master Waterpot

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