A Pine Cone Nest?

Snowflake Fairy Intro           You are on a quest to find your perfect pine cone to make a nest for a tiny bird.

          It could be a cedar rose or the bottom of a white Spruce cone, or a cone from a pinion pine, a sugar pine or a Ponderosa pine.

          The kind of pine will depend on the area you live in, and you will know the right one when you see it.

          You can use just part of the cone broken apart or glue a number of ovulate scales together to better to form a nest.

          Glue and tuck soft mosses on it and then add a tiny bird from a craft store or one you fashion yourself.

          If you are going to hang it, push the tips of ribbons in between the petals (scales) on both sides and hold with glue.

          Then tie a bow at the top. You can hang seed pods at the bottom.

You can also print one in color and make an ornament Or Print it in black and white to color yourself. (Remember to set your printer to the highest quality setting.) Snowflake Fairy Profile Snowflake Fairy Profile


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