Snowflake Fairies

          Snowflake Fairies are tiny thought forms whirling happily around in the realm of the great Master Architect, Winter.

          When Winter dreams the winter landscapes, each fairy is filled with inspired thoughts and takes on a fairy form that can survive in the lower air.

          As the fairies dance and swirl, they direct the creation and great outpouring of the snowflakes until the world turns white and cold and crystalline, with all the beauty of Winter's dream.

          Then, for a short time Snowflake Fairies rule.

          There are two new fairy puppets called Snowflake Fairies.

Snowflake Fairy Intro Snowflake Fairy Profile

Wand           There is a Snowflake Fairy wand and crown you can make and wear. You can have a party and all your friends can make one.
Snowflake Fairy Crown

          There are extra snowflakes in two sizes to decorate the wand or for invitations
Snowflakes Snowflakes Snowflakes

Follow this link to the Instruction page.

          Remember, you are never alone while you are crafting or coloring. I am just an e-mail away to answer questions or help in any way I can..

          Your Fairy Friend, Phee McFaddell


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