Dragon Mask Assembly


Dragon Mask

Here is a wonderful Dragon Mask to print in Black and White and color.

Use a heavy paper like 60 lb. or better still 110 lb. card stock or print on regular paper and glue to something heavy. Then cut out the pieces.

Please be careful to help younger children when poking holes for the new small "mini brads" or eyelets.

Dragon Ears
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Dragon Face
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For mini brads carefully punch very small holes in the top of the head and each ear. Push the brad through the front of the face and then the ears and bend the legs out. Tighten these up as much as you can.

For eyelets use a punch of the right size, we used the 1/8 hole and 1/8 eyelets, you can use whichever size you have. Punch holes in the face and ears. Hold the ears behind the head and put the eyelet from front to back. Tighten the eyelet just so, to allow the ears to move. Not too tight or the dragon will get angry.

Punch holes for a string or ribbons to tie this mask on. Every face is different so you will need to find this spot while holding the dragon to your new Dragon's face.

As fierce as this Dragon looks, remember this Dragon is almost always friendly (just don't pinch its ears too tight).

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