Coloring Page Art
         Good day to you my friends.

I've popped in to introduce
you to a very special young human,
Lolly Paulson.

         Lolly Paulson lives in a big old house by the sea and is altogether a human girl. Sorry, she was not a changeling exchanged at birth by the fairies for the Paulson's real daughter. That would make a very nice story but I have other surprises for you about Lolly. One thing I want you to grasp is that although Lolly is human she is as special as any elf or fairy. She even has her own kind of magic. It's from her believing in what comes from her own imagination, no matter what anyone thinks. Like making up all kinds of interesting playful plots, in which, of course, she is always the star. Bear

         Lolly has a whole cast to help her out, most being unable to resist her charms, either because they are inanimate, like her stuffed bear or get lured into acting roles with sweet talk and kitty treats, like her cat, Cinnabar.


         There is one serious antagonist in Lolly's life. His name is Jimmy. Lolly calls him, "Jimmy, the Jerk" behind his back, and tries to avoid him, because he teases her for the cruel pleasure of seeing her face turn bright red. For some reason, that Lolly can not understand, Jimmy always seems to end up with a role in her pretend plays. Don't even mention that Lolly might secretly like Jimmy, she would probably throw up!


Beside all the known characters in Lolly's life, there are some who are not known by her (but may be soon!). These are the fairies who live in her backyard and watch her everyday with the greatest of interest. Especially a little furry fellow looking somewhat like a large moth, so the other fairies, Faraday and Knots call him, Moth. He follows Lolly everywhere and often tries to send her messages. Sometimes Lolly actually seems to pick up his telepathic directives, but the other fairies say it is just a coincidence and Lolly thinks it is just her imagination!


Our first offering to you about Lolly and her friends is a 32 page coloring and story book titled, Lolly Paulson's Sticky Green Perfume, written and illustrated by our resident artist, Nea Wiseman.


Lolly and her friends will also be appearing on our website, as a regular contributor, using her imagination of course!
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