Holiday Craft Pages!

          Get out your colored pencils and pens, scissors, ruler, and lots of glitter glue. We have craft and coloring projects to keep you busy and have fun with for the Season.

          Here are two colorful birds to make ornaments or gift cards or secret messages to someone special.

You will need to print the birds you pick out on a color printer using a high quality setting or print a black and white and give them your own special colors.
Birds Print or color Birds Print or color Birds Print or color

          This second set of birds have their wings separated so you can get an extra special bird with the wings flapping if you like.
Birds Print or color Birds Print or color

          You can build a tiny Gingerbread House box for special gifts or small treasures.
Gingerbread House

          And you can build an entire forest with gingerbread people for the house.
Pine Cone Trees Pine Cone Trees

          Or print and build a special gift box for something small and special or just a candy kiss.
Little Red Gift Box Little Red Gift Box

          There are some gathering projects. Which means you have to go for a walk in Nature and pick up interesting things.
Pine Cone Nest Sticks and String Really Stars Stick Star Info

Tree ornaments or fun hangers or gift or note cards.
And Seed Pods Were Wings Pine Cone Nest

Sticks and String Really Stars Rainbow Ribbons

    Here are instructions for a delightful Doily Angel.
Doily Angel Doily Angel

          Dont forget our great coloring pages.

          Remember, you are never alone while you are crafting or coloring. I am just an e-mail away to answer questions or help in any way I can..

          Your Fairy Friend, Phee McFaddell

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